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Fable: The Journey (To Failure)

That is, the journey to failure...

Update:  Peter Molyneux left Lionhead.

Peter Molyneux, the brains behind Fable and Black & White, has officially lost it; his talents, I mean.  I don’t understand Mr. Molyneux; you went from being a genius and innovative developer when Fable and Black & White were first released, but it went downhill soon after.

When Black & White came out, it was unbelievably amazing.  No game will ever be like B&W 1, or 2.

When Fable came out, it was a fantasy RPG that looked like it was coming out of a story book and had some great elements to it.

When Fable II and III came out, it was a fucking let down!  I don’t think the Fable sequels were bad but when Molyneux does all this hype it’s all for nothing!  Fable II lived up to some promises and was an overall good game.  Fable III was more of the same, maybe even a little less, and it felt like it was only a refined version of Fable II.

Onward to Fable: The Journey…  Mr. Molyneux is saying that it’s an RPG made for the Kinect (link.)  Now, I know that’s pretty bold to say but that’s a load of bull there hasn’t been many detailed gameplay videos showing off The Journey.  It looks boring, linear, and just plain meh.  Most of all, it doesn’t have the “open-world” factor, and he sure as hell didn’t say it was an “open-world” game in his interview.  He’s the guy who keeps preaching about giving the player freedom to play; so, if this turns out to be a linear game, Mr. Molyneux may be looked down on by everyone.

Sorry Peter Molyneux, but I have the most minute amount of faith in you.

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