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Pre-Built Custom PC’s – The Big O

Holy shit!!

Yes, I made sure the image was full-sized to play on the “big” pun.  Anyways, I’m just putting this out there because it’s a huge beast and also unique.  Some people have Xbox 360’s/PlayStation 3’s AND a PC because some games are exclusive to certain platforms or because some people prefer to play a game on a PC or console.  Origin (not the EA service), who makes PC’s, specially crafts this.  In fact, you’d have to call or email to place in order for it.  It’s very powerful as it has Dual-Xeon processors and Quad-SLI GTX 580’s, but the intriguing and awesome thing about this is that you can have your Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 in it!  Of course, you can’t take your current console and stick it in there (but I wouldn’t be surprised if you can) but the fact you can switch from PC to console is really cool.  Unfortunately, you can’t tune down the specs down to lower the price so the minimum you’ll have to pay is ~7 grand.  The highest tier is about 17 grand.  So, unless you rob a few liquor stores on Main Street, keep staring at the picture in awe.

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