EA’s a bad company! A bad, bad, bad…

… bad, bad, BAD company!

No, seriously.  How is EA the worst company out of several other shitty institutions?  Even Mike Pachter from GT thinks “it’s lame,” and I couldn’t agree more.

I don’t know what the total worst company is but there are other companies that are far, far worse than Electronic Arts.  The most apparent one of all, worse than EA, is Bank of America.  Bank of America did mortgage fraud that caused people to lose homes.  Losing $10 to play online on a used EA game is no where near as bad as losing a home.

Even GameStop is an even worse company than EA.  Go to google.com and search for “gamestop litigations” and you will find numerous lawsuits and cases against GameStop.

But to call EA the worst company, because you think they’re ripping you off a couple of dollars, is ridiculous.


I’ll admit, though, it is funny to see them up there on the “worst company” list.

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