Zombie Games

Recently, I come to realize how many “good” zombie games there are, on the consoles and PC.  I can’t think of too many but they still seem too few for some reason.  I did some quick research a while ago and I found these two nifty games.

Project Zomboid – $7.99 – PC/Mac:  Zomboid is similar to Minecraft in which you build things and fight off zombies (CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!)  The difference is that you’re to fend yourself with cliche weapons (like shotguns), and barricade in a house if necessary. Plus, the game itself is 2D-isometric, which isn’t too common now.  (Isometric means your perspective and environment is 3D but everything is actually 2D… Moving on!)  The closest I can really compare this to is Dead Island.  You build or find weapons (firearms are scarce), it’s an open world, and there are enough zombies that’ll keep you on your toes.  I’ve played the demo and it was pretty fun but I didn’t cough up the $8 for this game to play the rest.  There is a demo to try for yourself.

Dead Frontier – Free – PC/Mac (Unity Engine Based, Not Flash): Dead Frontier, unlike Zomboid, is free and it’s an MMORPG game with a top-down, or bird’s eye, view.  Despite being top-down, it’s a 3D game based off the Unity Engine, which is also free and needed in order to play.  Starting off, it’s nice and slow, and it’s got your standard fare of leveling up and putting points into stats like additional health and faster reload speed.  The controls are just like any other top-down shooter, like Dead Nation, but it’s not a twitch shooter, it’s fairly slow paced. The world you’re in is huge, except it’s pretty damn empty and overly bleak.  There’s also a variety of weapons and different conditions of weapons but it’ll take a little while before you get to the good stuff (swords, chainsaws, revolvers, etc.)  As far as I know, there are no quests whatsoever, so you won’t be collecting items or destroying targets.  The community, on the other hand, is pretty active and it’s kind of large, which is nice.  Not a fan of many MMORPG’s but this was pretty fun.


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